Business Model and Revenue Streams

The Battle Drones economy revolves around the $BATTLE token; a utility token. The $BATTLE token is the governance token and will allow community member to shape the future of the Battle Drones IP, through voting within our DAO, and be rewarded with their participation into the ecosystem.

The current Battles Drones business models are broken down into different units of the IP as follows:


The Story element would be utilised through the sales of the both physical and digital comic series. The comic series serve as a crucial element as it creates ongoing, engaging narratives within the Battle Drones Universe. This approach also opens up additional revenue streams through merchandise, adaptations, and licensing opportunities such as animated digital media, tv series, films; enhancing brand identity and consumer connection.


The game revenue will be driven by multiple streams including in-game asset sales such as game passes, which provide players with rare and exclusive asset drops. Additionally, revenue will be generated through FlyBucks, an off-chain in-game token, purchases via fiat currencies (Visa and Mastercard) and governance token swaps.


Revenue will be generated through the sale of both digital and physical brand element, catering to collectors and fans who value unique, tangible items. Additionally, merchandise sales will provide a consistent income stream, leveraging the popularity of the characters and story to offer a variety of branded products.


The marketplace will generate revenue through trading fees on peer-to-peer sales of assets, capitalizing on the active exchange between users. Customisation fees for character personalization will provide another income source, allowing players to enhance their gaming experience while contributing to the project's profitability.

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