Enemy Drones

During your journey playing Red Rock Resistance, you will take on countless enemy drones. There are many types of enemies in the game — with different weapons and skills. Therefore, it is worth being well-prepared and choosing the right strategy for each type of opponent. Here's and introduction to some of the types of drones that you will first encounter in-game.

Melee Drone

This type of drone attacks at close range with a baton. Since it is a short weapon, it’s advantageous to use a ranged weapon to defeat this drone.

Ranged Drone

This drone attacks with a laser weapon that is relatively fast and has a long range. The laser beam is visible, which makes their attacks more predictable and easier to avoid. However, when drones attack in large groups it might become more difficult to avoid.

Heavy Drone

Heavy Drone is much more challenging than the previously highlighted drones. It attacks the opponent at a closer range. Heavy drones are equipped with special shields that increase defence and reduce damage taken. It also wields a powerful shotgun which packs a punch. Deflecting that damage back can be a useful strategy against these enemies.

Exploding Drone

Spot an Exploding Drone nearby? It’s best to run! This drone is equipped with bombs that can explode at any moment. Beware! If you come too close to it, your drone’s HP might just take a massive hit!

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