Debut Game Details

The initial release will consist of a round-based Player vs. Environment (PVE) mode “Onslaught”, which will test a player’s skill and determine if they have what it takes to enter the Drone Dome (more on that later...).

In this mode, players battle for survival as they fight off enemy drones in waves of combat. Players will have an array of weapons at their disposal to eliminate a variety of enemy types. They’ll need to choose the right arsenal for the job and customise their drone for optimal combat and handling. Finding the right balance is the key to avoiding catastrophic damage and surviving the onslaught. Will you be the last drone standing… or get blown into oblivion?

A player's goal is to progress through the game, survive for as long as possible and unlock hidden in-game achievements along the way. Players will be rewarded with drone customisation parts in the PVE mode which will be used to customise your in-game drone characters. Additionally, we will have community leaderboards with rewards for players that rise to the challenge.

The initial release will be available on PC and mobile (iOS and Android).

From there, updates will be added to introduce variety in the form of additional weapons, enemies and game modes. These include:

  • CO-OP: a two-player 'Onslaught' mode

  • Multiplayer Player vs. Player (PVP) game modes

We anticipate the PVP game mode to attract a variety of gamers looking for social competition. Players will be able to test their skills, climb ranks in a leaderboard and earn in-game rewards. We aim to develop a unique Match Making Rating (MMR) to ensure games are challenging and rewarding for players of all skill levels.

Want a head start when we launch PVP? Jump into the first release, our PVE mode, and familiarise yourself with the game mechanics and weapons! You can wishlist it NOW over on Steam or find us on Apple App Store and Google Play store on release!

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