Customising Your Drone

Now, let's talk about how you can customise your Battle Drone avatar. First, you must be aware of the different drone parts that make up your Battle Drone.

A single Battle Drone consists of 5 drone parts:

  • Head

  • Drone Body

  • Drone Propellers

  • Weapon

  • Background

With over 200 unique parts already flying around, Battle Drones can be made unique in many ways. The Head drone part is the head and shoulders of the character that pilots your drone. The Drone Body is the bulk of the drone, with the cock pit for the pilot, and the Propellers provide the lift! Your choice of weapon provides a way to show of a piece of your artillery. The background provides a setting for your avatar while also customising the look of your in-game player card! Each drone part belongs to an in-game manufacturing company which provides each attribute with unique in-game mechanics, allowing players to customise their drone not only for visuals but also in-game mechanics. For example; equipping your Battle Drone with parts made by Celerity, the leading drone racing brand within the Battle Drones universe, you can expect to gain some speed-related buffs, pairing well with the run and gun playstyle you may choose to adopt. The combinations are endless and we will continue to put out new styles and maybe even add new brands, allowing you to rep your drone of choice!

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