Ranged Weapons

In Battle Drones: Red Rock Resistance there are a wide range of weapons for you to use. This covers some of the first weapon types you will see in the game: Ranged Weapons

There are both melee and ranged weapons, each with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Melee weapons can deal great damage, however, you’re limited to close-range combat and put yourself at risk of enemy attacks. Ranged weapons have varying attacking distances and power, allowing you to navigate enemy attacks more strategically.

The first release includes 3 categories: Pistols, Rifles, and the Shotgun.



Range: Average

Firing Speed: Fast

Reload: Fast

Power: Moderate

Ammunition: Low Capacity

Pistol - Lvl 1

Pistols are low-calibre weapons that fire rapidly but have an average range. Reload time and cooldown are generally short. Therefore, the pistol is considered a quick weapon. Its downside is the fact that it has relatively little ammunition in the magazine and it needs to be replaced frequently, and the range of the weapon is not very large. Deals moderate damage.

Big Pistol - Lvl 2

This upgraded version of the first pistol has less ammunition and a bit longer reload and cooldown time. However, it shoots with a longer range and deals more damage.

Ray Gun - Lvl 3

This is the final upgrade of the pistol weapon class. It continues to deal increased amounts of damage, with addition of splash damage when coming into contact with an object.

Assault Rifles


Range: Long

Firing Speed: Very Fast

Reload: Very Fast

Power: Low

Ammunition: High Capacity

Base Assault Rifle - Lvl 1

Rifles are versatile guns that have large magazines, short cooldown time and satisfactory damage within mid-range. Reload time and cooldown are short. The rifle is a very fast, deadly weapon. It has a very large magazine and a greater range than a pistol. However, it deals slightly less damage.

Modded Assault Rifle - Lvl 2

The upgraded assault rifle has similar specifications, however, it deals a bit more damage. Plus, it has a laser pointer making it easier to aim at the target.

Double Barrel Shotgun


Range: Short

Firing Speed: Slow

Reload: Very slow

Power: Very High (multi-hit & push back)

Ammunition: Very Low Capacity

The shotgun deals immense damage with massive power, however, at a short distance. It has only two rounds of ammunition in the magazine and a long reload time. The shotgun is able to pierce up to three targets, and pushes the enemy backwards!

Want to try some of these weapons out for yourself? Go try them in our game demo, out now!

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