How to Play

Do you have what it takes to take out the enemy drones? Equipping yourself with the right weapons and learning to fly your drone is crucial to your survival. Tinkering with your drone customisations is also fundamental to your success. How else will you compete with others when it comes time for the Battle Drones Championships? First off, you gonna need to know basic controls!

1. Fly around using [WASD]

2. Use the scroll wheel or number hot keys to change weapon

3. Aim using your mouse and shoot/swing with LMB

4. When wielding a melee weapon, block incoming projectiles by holding down RMB

5. When wielding a melee weapon, deflect incoming projectiles by clicking RMB at the right time

6. Collect hardware, spend them on drone upgrades

7. Interact with the in-game shops and other pop-ups using [E]

8. Access new areas with Dynamite

9. Survive for as long as possible!

Good luck out there Pilot!

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