The Battle Drones universe is set in a fictional, alternate version of Earth where global superpowers battle for supremacy. The nation-states and other major players in this fictional universe use Battle Drones as the primary means of warfare and advancing their interests. Battle Drones generally have a limited degree of autonomy and require a living, sentient pilot (human or otherwise) to operate them. The exception would be the AI-based A-EYE drones which are fully autonomous.

The story element of our business model centers on creating an expansive universe with diverse landscapes and an evolving storyline that captivates audiences. Iconic personalities drive these unique narratives, each character contributing to the richness of the plot and engaging fans on a deep level. Enigmatic environments, with their inherent mysteries and integrated sub-stories, keep readers intrigued and coming back for more. This combination of immersive storytelling and vibrant settings offers wholesome entertainment, allowing audiences to experience light-hearted and fun-filled adventures that foster long-term loyalty and engagement.

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