Battle Drones: Red Rock Resistance

Welcome to Red Rock. Will you survive the onslaught of A-EYE enemy drones? Defend your position and uncover the ominous intentions of the A-EYE and the mysteries surrounding Solomon Burgundy- the drone part shopkeeper.

Set in the post-drone war era, during a supposed time of peace. What sinister intentions does the A-EYE mega-corporation have planned? What will become of the Drone Wars Championship when everyday competitors continue to disappear, only to be replaced by A.I. drone pilots?

Red Rock Resistance (RRR) is the debut game title for our community to experience the Battle Drones universe. RRR is a 3D top-down drone shooter game with PVE, Co-Op and PVP game modes. Join us on our journey to build the next generation of games. How long will you survive?

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