Melee Weapons

Having covered the initial ranged weapons in Battle Drones: Red Rock Resistance, let’s now take a look at the second weapon type in-game: Melee Weapons.

There are both melee and ranged weapons, each with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Melee weapons can deal great damage, however, you’re limited to close-range combat and put yourself at risk of enemy attacks. Ranged weapons have varying attacking distances and power, allowing you to navigate enemy attacks more strategically.

The first release includes the base weapon and 2 upgrades: Bowie Knife, Katana, and the Ultra Great Sword.

Bowie Knife - Lvl 1


Range: Extremely limited range

Attack speed: Very Fast

Attack angle: 120 degrees

Power: Moderate

The first melee weapon you will use in the game is Bowie Knife. The Bowie Knife deals moderate damage, and is a very fast weapon. The cooldown is very short, and that makes it extremely efficient, but of course it is a small weapon so it has an extremely small range. The Bowie Knife has a 120° attack angle.

Katana - Lvl 2


Range: Limited range

Attack speed: Fast

Attack angle: 120 degrees

Power: High

The Katana deals a lot more damage than the Bowie Knife but has a slightly longer cooldown. Its range, however, is a bit longer. Similarly to the Bowie Knife, it has a 120° skill angle.

Ultra Great Sword - Lvl 3


Range: Small Range

Attack speed: Fast

Attack angle: 360 degrees

Power: Very High

The Ultra Great Sword is a more advanced weapon. It deals more damage than the Katana with the same cooldown time. It has a longer range and you can swing it at a 360° angle. That makes the Ultra Great Sword an amazing AOE weapon! With the 360° attack angle, you can deal damage to opponents all around you with every swing!

Blocking and Deflecting

All melee weapons have the added mechanics of blocking and deflecting.


Players can deflect ranged enemy type attacks back at an enemy if they time the action correctly. To initiate a deflect, the player must click right-mouse-button (RMB) within the time window of an incoming projectile. If done correctly, the player will avoid taking damage and instead return the projectile back at angle dependent on the direction that they are facing. Although difficult to time, this is a skill that can prove extremely useful if used effectively.


Players can block a range of enemy attacks. To move into a blocking stance, the player must hold right-mouse-button (RMB). This will bring up a 'Posture Bar' which indicates to the player how much damage can be absorbed. When the Posture Bar runs empty, the player will be forced out of their blocking stance, opening them up to taking damage once again. While blocking, the player's movement speed is significantly reduced, however, their incoming damage will be reduced by: 100% for ranged enemy types, and 50% for melee, heavy and dashing enemy types.

Want to try some of these weapons out for yourself? Go try them in our game demo, out now!

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