In Red Rock Resistance, you can obtain perks during the game to boost your play style. Perks are special benefits that help you during battles with enemy drones.

A different icon represents a different perk that you can buy to obtain specific advantages. You can purchase perks using the drone parts you collect after destroying a hostile drone.

For example, you must collect 500 drone parts to buy the Meteoroids perk (which adds a 10% damage bonus).

Check out the perks below so you’re clued up as we run up to our game launch! Wishlist now over on Steam!


Harness extraterrestrial energy to inflict more damage on enemies.

Perk type: Damage

Effect: All weapon damage increased by 10%

Solomon’s Insurance

If you ever feel your life is in danger Solomon can guarantee you a second chance with his very own drone insurance.

Perk Type: Revival

Effect: Instantly revives upon death with one health bar (all drone upgrades lost on death, weapon upgrades remain).

Flak Jacket

The UTA sure know how to make a durable drone body, buy their flak jacket and gain 10% damage resistance.

Perk Type: Resist

Effect: Adds 10% resist to all damage

Speed Cream

Cutting-edge race technology patented by industry leader Celerity gives you increased drone movement speed

Perk Type: Speed

Effect: Drone Movement speed increased by 10%

Bullet King (future update)

The king of bullets loves some melee combat, buy this perk and ensure a return of ammunition on every melee kill

Perk Type: Ammunition Reload

Effect: Return of ammunition with each melee kill

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