Drone Avatar

The Battle Drones universe features individual drone avatars that you as a player can customise through a variety of unique assets already available and those that will continue to be released into the future. You also have the opportunity to own your Battle Drone. Through blockchain technology, you get true ownership of your avatar meaning you can freely trade your customised Battle Drone on the marketplace.

In this way, you can look at your Battle Drone in two ways:

  • An avatar with in-game utility

  • A collectible with intrinsic trading value

In the same way that your full drone avatar can be made tradable, the individual attributes that you customise your Battle Drone with can also be made tradable on the marketplace. This opens up a world of opportunity for collecting your favourite Battle Drones assets with the ability to trade them again in the future. The value of ownership adds further opportunity through events such as staking and fractionalisation, both of which will be elaborated on as we further build out the platforms.

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