Battle Drones Economy

The Battle Drones economy is structured into four separate sectors. The different units flow between the different sectors to ensure a sustainable rewarding scheme and economy. Below is a high-level overview of our economy:

  • The $BATTLE token is our governance token, representing part of your investment in the Battle Drones universe. It will be earned through end-of-season ranking rewards in the PVP game mode. Additionally, you will be able to earn $BATTLE through staking and content creation rewards. The $BATTLE token will be used for voting within our DAO and spent within our Drone Bones Store through incentives such as the blank canvas scheme. Further details about the blank canvas scheme will be shared as we develop.

  • FlyBucks is our in-game currency that can be used to purchase items at the Drone Bones store. Initially, this would be buying new drone parts as they become available with more functionality in the works. FlyBucks will not be tradable, maintaining a fixed price.

  • Space Nuggets is our main reward token. It can be earned within every game mode. The amount earned will be dependent on both the game mode, your performance and your MMR. With it, you can add to your playing experience through additional customisation, secure yourself spots on new Drone Part releases, and even trade in a large amount for some $BATTLE.

  • Battle Drones Parts play a major role in the rewards players can earn in-game. These parts will be earnt mostly through the PVE "Onslaught" game mode of Battle Drones: Red Rock Resistance within the first 12 months of blockchain integration. In addition, some Battle Drones parts will be available as rewards for participating in tournaments within the PVP game mode. You will be able to buy and sell these parts within our marketplace or use them to swap corresponding assets on your Battle Drones avatar within the Drone Bones Store. You will also be able to trade these assets with friends and/or other community members.

  • The Battle Drones Avatars are your gateway to being involved in the Battle Drones economy. While everyone is able to play the PVE game mode, major rewards will only be handed out to those that truly own their Battle Drone avatar. You can unlock ownership of a Battle Drone avatar either through the Drone Bones store marketplace or through future schemes we intend on running; our blank canvas/rookie pass scheme. You will be able to customise your drone to suit your style, both in look and play.

  • Game assets are additional assets within the game that customise your gameplay to add personalisation and can be bought and traded through the marketplace. These will be included in various event rewards and future drops.

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