Assets + Functions

The Battle Drones economy has be designed with sustainability in mind, while also allowing our players to engage in the aspects that they feel suit their needs. Multiple assets exist to create engaging reward schemes that fuel the playing experience.

Lets run through the functions:

Season Passes

Full launch of PVP will include Battle Drones Championship (BSC) season passes allowing players to earn and unlock unique drone parts that they can use to customise their Battle Drone Avatars. Through various gameplay challenges, gamers will be able to work their way though, earning these parts and more!


The Drone Bones Store is where new Drone Parts and on occasion full Battle Drone characters will be available for purchase, both as in-game items and owned assets. Unlock limited time assets, add them to you in-game character and show them across the battlefield.


Customisation will be unlocked for all players, allowing you to customise the look and feel of your Battle Drone with drone parts you have in your Hangar. Whether you're all about strategy or here to represent one of our in-game brands, customisation will allow you to find what suits your play style. In-game customisation can be performed with ease. With blockchain technology, on-chain customisation can also be performed, allowing owned assets to be added to your Battle Drone Avatar ready for competition and trading.


Through the Find-a-part experience, players can find and uncover limited and rare drone parts. Unlock a metal detector and collect magnets as you play. When you're ready to enter the scrapyard, purchase a permit and begin your search. Who knows what you might find! Want to search the reserved area? Well you'll have to talk to Solomon about a special permit, and those standard old magnets won't do the trick. You'll have to swap in for a electromagnet!


The marketplace is the open exchange platform for buying and selling both Battle Drone Avatars and individual drone part assets. Note: only owned assets can be sold on the marketplace.


Within the Drone Bones Store, players can also offer and trade owned assets between one another. Offer up Battle Drone Avatars, Drone Parts and $BATTLE and see what you can get in return! Note: only owned assets can be traded.

Space Nugget Swap

If you have a big collection of Space Nuggets piling up in your hangar and want to get rid of them, you will have the opportunity to trade them in for some $BATTLE. Just know that it will cost you a fair few and there's no going back, + Space Nuggets are valuable little things. Why do you think the A-EYE are so desperate for them?...


Interested players will also be able to stake their $BATTLE tokens. More on this as its made available!

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