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In-game Brands: Drone Part Manufacturers

Kentaro Industries

Originating from Japan, this megacorporation became the primary manufacturer of combat drones for the East Asian military. Even before the Drone Wars began, The East Asian Empire already had plans of asserting its dominance worldwide. More than that, it had good reason to believe that a major global conflict was imminent.
As such, Kentaro began developing its drone technology in secret. The Empire required a formidable military presence to secure its position as a world power - and having a capable drone army was the best way to achieve that.
Using spies posing as diplomats, the government was able to infiltrate both FMF and UTA research facilities. This technical information they obtained allowed Kentaro scientists to build and improve upon their already lethal drone technology. Their combat drones were greatly feared during the War, inflicting heavy casualties with chilling precision and efficiency.
Even after the war, Kentaro’s reputation for combat-effective components is second to none. Their drone parts are highly sought after in the Drone Bones Marketplace and black markets. Any competent Battle Drones contestant knows that using Kentaro parts gives them a significant edge in the arena.


This prestigious Swedish manufacturer specializes in drone parts that are frequently used in the European Drone racing circuit. Celerity’s focus is on speed and performance, and their sleek and aerodynamic designs are a reflection of that.
But Celerity’s core design goes beyond aesthetics. At the heart of it, its drones are a testament to Euro engineering and precision. They also place great emphasis on output, making their drones a force to be reckoned with.
Like the other megacorporations, Celerity played an instrumental role during the Drone Wars. During the company’s inception, its founders intended to produce the fastest racing drones in the world. However, their plans drastically changed after the UTA attack on FMF forces in 2033.
After the resulting thermonuclear explosion leveled a sizeable chunk of Eurasian territory, the FMF declared war on the UTA. Therefore, Celerity was unwillingly pulled into the conflict. Under state orders, the company had transformed into an arms manufacturer practically overnight.
The FMF military wasted no time integrating combat technology into Celerity’s racing drones. Their engineering team was forced to bring military scientists on board, thus creating a new breed of fast drones armed with superior ordinance.

KJ Dynamics

Founded by a legendary aeronautical engineer, KJ Dynamics played a crucial role in the Drone Wars. Using their proprietary stealth technology, this UTA-based manufacturer bred an entirely unique class of drones.
Their most famous stealth drone was a prototype code-named “Aetos”. It featured long-range target acquisition and identification capabilities, giving the UTA a strategic advantage during the war. This technology allowed for unparalleled success on tactical assault missions and reconnaissance missions.
Aside from its drones, KJ Dynamics also has considerable resources related to early detection and surveillance. In fact, one of its satellite dishes detected highly abnormal tachyon readings which led to an unprecedented discovery in human history.
Initially, KJ Dynamics scientists thought the readings were simply a result of faulty hardware. A top senior engineer investigated the anomaly, but all systems were fully operational. The scientists concluded that this anomaly was a clear sign of extraterrestrial activity - and a possible invasion.
KJ Dynamics sent drones in the stratosphere to scan for threats. Not only did the drones get visual confirmation of intergalactic spacecraft, but also received an encrypted transmission.
The scientists were astonished to learn that this was the same signal KJ Dynamics had sent to the far reaches of space decades ago. It was clear that an intelligent race of alien species had intercepted the signal and sent it back to them.
Upon further decoding, KJ Dynamics uncovered a hidden message in the signal. It was a holographic video of an extraterrestrial being who spoke an unknown language. Cryptographers managed to work out a rough translation; to their horror, it was a declaration of hostile intentions.
The message was essentially a manifesto stating that humans were unfit to inhabit the earth any longer. Thus, the alien species intends to eliminate all human life to restore the natural balance of the planet.

UTA Military

The United Territories of America (UTA) is a vast military empire that spans the entirety of North, central, and South America. Its territories also include South Africa and adjacent countries within the continent, and even as far as Madagascar and Papua New Guinea.
It is considered a major global power alongside its geopolitical rivals, Eurasia and East Asia. The UTA has the largest military budget on earth and vast resources at its disposal. With bases strategically placed across the planet, the UTA has steadily expanded its sphere of influence over the decades.
Using the might of its drone army, the UTA has acquired many territories unchallenged. However, this changed in the year 2031 when UTA forces attacked a FMF Drone Carrier. UTA high command was unaware that the carrier housed thermonuclear warheads.
As such, this triggered an explosion of unprecedented proportions, setting off the Drone Wars that lasted until 2045.
To this day, the reasons for that pivotal attack are unknown. Intelligence reports surrounding this particular operation have been redacted for “national security” purposes. During the years after the Drone Wars, many insiders have speculated that the attack was part of the UTA's attempts to sabotage the FMF’s technological development.
They claim it was faulty intel that led the UTA to believe that the carrier contained components of a next-generation drone prototype. Fearing that this would give the Republic a strategic advantage, the UTA ordered the strike.
Meanwhile, conspiracy theorists went as far as claiming that the FMF had planted double agents to mislead UTA intelligence with false reports. Thus, the FMF knew about the impending attack and intentionally ordered the carrier to transport thermonuclear warheads (while being aware that the UTA thought it was drone components).
The resulting explosion would not only create global outrage against the UTA but also help the FMF justify their declaration of war against them. However, this is a matter of conjecture and no evidence exists to confirm these claims.

Republic of the Flaming Metal Fist (FMF)

As the war escalated, demand for innovation in drone technology surged. This pushed FMF scientists and engineers to design drones that would survive the worst attacks and most brutal conditions. FMF-issued drones featured armor plating infused with a secret combination of alloys unlike any other, making them notoriously difficult to destroy.
Combined with their fearsome firepower, this generation of drones was known for their brute force on the battlefield. FMF-issued drones fought alongside their Celerity counterparts during the war, with each type specializing in specific missions.
Visually speaking, the look of these drones represented the capital’s military might. However, many pilots chose to customize their standard-issue drones by adding their personal flair. It was not uncommon to see such drones in battle with unsanctioned modifications.
After the end of the drone wars, FMF drone parts became a favorite choice among Battle Drone Championship participants. Their vintage appeal and extreme durability resonate with both hardcore history buffs and seasoned contestants.

Extraterrestrial Drone Parts

These components were not manufactured on earth but came from outer space. Solomon Burgundy discovered them after a small meteorite crashed near the Drone Bones scrapyard. After excavating the parts from the wreckage, Burgundy took them to a lab for further analysis.
As expected, the alien drone parts are made up of elements that do not exist on the periodic table. Furthermore, they emit a unique type of radiation with a wavelength unlike anything else on earth. It is unclear if these parts originated from the same alien species that KJ Dynamics detected. Nevertheless, it is clear to Burgundy that these components can grant drones abilities beyond the human understanding of physics.


Founded by Elord Odor, A-EYE is a mysterious mega-corporation specializing in artificial intelligence. As far as the general public is concerned, A-EYE is a luxury brand that produces bespoke, high-end drones for its ultra-wealthy clientele. Indeed, owning an A-EYE drone is a status symbol for collectors and Battle Drone Championship contestants alike.
However, Odor has a hidden agenda and plans to use his drone army for a far worse purpose. For instance, he intends to keep everyone out of the Battle Drone arena except for the elite. As such, Odor has leveraged his company’s resources to achieve this objective by any means necessary.
A-EYE's operations are highly guarded and shrouded in secrecy. Many agencies and investigative journalists have tried to uncover the true nature of the company’s plans. This has resulted in disastrous - and often deadly - consequences.
Odor sent A-EYE drones to destroy the Drone Bones Marketplace, but Solomon Burgundy managed to repel the attack. Burgundy salvaged the remaining drones for his own use. However, he needed to reprogram the drones as they were indiscriminately hostile towards organic lifeforms.