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Game Titles

The vision for us is to create an ecosystem of game titles that explore the expansive narrative of the Battle Drones universe. Not only that, we want to offer a variety of games that have different gameplay and experiences to suit all players. As we develop the Battle Drones Universe, you’ll start to see clues and hints at what’s to come.
Our current focus is developing our debut game title - Battle Drones: Red Rock Resistance. Red Rock Resistance (RRR) sets the premise for our Battle Drones universe, offering players new and exciting top-down shooter gameplay with offensive drones.
We already have ambitious plans to develop the current game title to include competitive Player vs. Player (PVP) functionality, as well as cooperative modes for social gaming. We will capitalise on the major mobile gaming market and integrate our stories and characters in to well-established game modes like tower defence, drone racing and intricate drone customisations.
Keep your eyes on us as we continue to build the Battle Drones Universe!