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Battle Drones Comic: Volume 1 - Standard Edition
At Battle Drones, we believe in creating a rich and immersive universe that engages and captivates our audience. Our passion for storytelling goes beyond just gaming; we aim to expand our universe into various forms of media, including comics, animated series, films, and more.
Our characters are inspired by pop-culture icons, blending whacky yet relatable personalities into a unique and compelling world. Every detail of our carefully crafted environments is designed to hide stories and mysteries waiting to be discovered by our players. With a light-hearted and fun approach, we strive to appeal to audiences of all ages, making our world a canvas that everyone can enjoy.
For example, our recent community gaming event, Operation: A-EYE Extermination, is rooted in the narrative by which Battle Drones is built on. Players become immersed in the world with the unified goal of helping Solomon to protect Red Rock. Throughout the event, players uncover secrets that the enemy A-EYE contain, getting one step closer to understanding what it really is that everyone is after.
The Battle Drones universe is not only limited to games but also encompasses a rich and engaging narrative that players can explore through various forms of media. We aim to bring our world to life through a library of games spanning multiple genres, as well as a comic series, animated series and films that expand the universe even further.
As we look forward, our vision for the Battle Drones IP is to build a robust and diverse portfolio of content that captivates and entertains our audience.
Our community-focused approach is inspired by renowned cinematic universes like Pixar, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and The Last of Us. We firmly believe that story content drives a strong community and fosters a lasting connection with our fans.
With a world as rich in lore as ours, the possibilities are endless, and we're excited to explore new avenues for our unique animated series and films. At Battle Drones, our world is our canvas, and we can't wait to share it with you.