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Solomon Burgundy

Enigmatic drone salesman Solomon Burgundy is the president of Drone Bones and Solomon's Drone Emporium. Being the nephew of Uncle Johnson, the founder and president of KJ dynamics, Solomon has an unrivaled knowledge of drone technology.
Using his connections in the global drone market, he has sourced a collection of parts from all over the world and offered them for sale to the public. Paving the way for common folk to participate in the Battle Drones Championship and a chance at life-changing glory.
Solomon clearly has strong ties to the Battle Drones Championship through his supply of parts, however the full extent of his involvement is currently unknown.
Burgundy is featured in Battle Drones: Red Rock Resistance. Players can interact with him at Solomon's drone emporium.

Ethan Broke-Bean

Broke-Bean is a petty thief and con artist who impersonated Burgundy in an attempt to defraud his customers. Posing as the shopkeeper, Broke-Bean tried to steal parts from the Drone Bones Marketplace while making a profit from fraudulent transactions.
Ethan was later found laying dead in a puddle of blood with no evidence to suggest the cause of his demise other than large puncture wound and a banana peel laying near his feet. how a slip would cause such devastation to a human being is not yet understood, experts say that it may be some sort of cover-up.
However, Broke-Bean was brought back to life by mysterious purple forces. The reanimation process transformed him into an undead skeleton drone. Powered by the hateful spirit of vengeance, Broke-Bean is hell-bent on destroying Burgundy and his legacy.

Elord Odor

Odor is the founder and CEO of the megacorporation A-EYE. He made a large fortune through the manufacture and supply of household items under the A-EYE brand, as well as the sale of private information collected via the spyware built into all A-EYE products.
Through clever marketing and PR, Odor is seen as a philanthropic visionary to the general public, one who revolutionised drone technology after the Drone Wars. Recognizing the incredible potential of A.I. in the post-war era, his company developed and perfected fully autonomous drones.
Elord has ties to Solomon through the KJ science development program that both were a part of in their teenage years. However the two have not been on friendly terms ever since, in fact, Elord seems to have some sort of vendetta against Solomon.
In recent years, Elord has been building an army of A-EYE drones with hopes of winning the Battle Drones Championship with strength in numbers, as well as controlling the public and other points of corporation interest, one being a certain site in the desert of Red Rock New Mexico, UTA…

Captain Baldrick Snipes Johnson

Johnson was a notable figure in the Drone Wars because of his instrumental role in an attack on East Asian forces in 2033. He single-handedly destroyed 347 Kentaro military-grade drones during a mission in East-Asian territories.
Over the decades, the nature of Johnson’s mission has been a controversial topic among historians. Some believe that he was under strict orders to do reconnaissance only. According to some reports, Johnson was tasked to simply investigate Kentaro’s military research and development efforts.
But rather than gathering intelligence, Johnson had gone against orders and opened fire on enemy drones. Johnson had claimed that he was compelled to take action because the Kentaro drones, for reasons unknown, were terrorizing local townsfolk.
However, these claims were never corroborated. The only other UTA operative drone present during these events was destroyed by the East Asian military during the incident. Nevertheless, Johnson was promoted to the rank of Major shortly after this incident.
Furthermore, the files on Johnson’s mission have been redacted and are classified to this day. As such, the circumstances surrounding this event are a matter of speculation at best.

Alien Species

Aside from the human characters, there is also a species of extraterrestrials in the Battle Drones Universe. The technology these intergalactic beings are utilising for drone flight comes from a planet located in an unknown region of the galaxy.
For eons, these aliens have observed human civilization from the shadows. Recently, however, they were horrified to watch the state of earth sharply deteriorate in the last two centuries.
It seems there are two main factions within the ranks of the extraterrestrial beings, the violent and vicious variety aptly named Starcorps, and the seemingly righteous variety known as the Calamarians, named for their squid-like appearance. After witnessing the cataclysmic destruction of the Drone Wars, Starcorps have concluded that humanity is a plague that needs to be eradicated. Whilst the Calamarians have more diplomatic beliefs, attempting to educate people of the corruption found within their own society.

Akim Kebob

Akim Kebob, the leader of Eurasia, rose to full power after a civil uprising whilst acting as the leader for the anarcho-kebobist party of Caspia. In a shock result, the public chose in favour of a Kebobist Caspia, following the ideology founded by Kebob himself. Such, it became known as The Republic of the Flaming Metal Fists (FMF).
To this day, Kebob remains Leader of the FMF, seeming not to have aged one bit...